• Every academic year is planned as per academic calendar, students are informed of academic calendar through college website.
  • Academic session starts with new admitted students, induction programme is organized, and the admitted students are informed about the Program objectives and Course objectives. PO & CO are displayed on the website.
  • Continuous evaluation system by faculties of each Department is carried out by conducting unit tests, quarterly or mid terminal, pre university examination.
  • The evaluation is transparent system and students are shown their answer copies and marks obtained are recorded.
  • Evaluation of seminars, project reports, field works, practical viva-voce examination are carried out to evaluate students for sessional.
  • The affiliated university conducts final examination, practical examinations.
  • The completion of syllabus is reported by faculties to IQAC, and finally to HOI.
  • The teaching Learning process has been standardized, reformatted, and reorganized, incorporating ICT.
  • Faculties are now in practice of using Learning Management System to impart knowledge.
  • Use of LCD projectors, Power point presentations for effective delivery of lectures are now being implemented.
  • Use of E resources are now available to students. SWAYAM, NPTEL platforms are now made mandatory for final year students. They have to enrol and submit the details of courses they are joining.
  • Value added courses are now being designed in departments, and too be implemented for skills improvement in students.
  • College is getting ready to implement National Education Policy.


  • College has facilitated for its students’ subscription for E-Library, and membership of N-LIST has been provided to all students and faculties.
  • Library is in process of automation, and students will be able to access books through client system connected to server having Library management system KOHA
  • Reading room has also been setup with magazines, newsletters, competitive books.
  • Increase in purchase of course and other books are planned with the increase in resources of Library